Friday, February 29, 2008

Crazy About Books.....

I couldn't resist posting some of my favorite pictures about books...stacked on tables...mantles...bookshelves...When I come back from market the first question is...How many bookshelves did you buy this time? As I look around the shop right now, most of my bookshelves and cases have found new homes. I really don't have many left. Time to buy more!!

This room would be beautiful even without the bookshelves in the background. But those stacks of books somehow make this room look so lived in. Of course it really helps to have a classic bamboo chair and some blue and white porcelain in the room (two more of my favorite looks).

I absolutely adore the bookshelves in this room! What a wonderful idea to drape it like a window. Notice how they tucked some pictures in the it!
Books stacked everywhere! Even though there are a lot of books in this room it still has wonderful balance and a look of organization. It is so wonderful to have all of these books at your fingertips...

I think that a dining/library is one of the best ways to combine two functions of a room into one. Most of us don't use our dining rooms as often as we would like. By combining the two the functions of the space increases. I'll bet that conversation around this table is always interesting. Also note the versatile slip covers on the chairs. They are comfy for reading and still fantastic dining chairs....just toss the soiled slips in the wash! We carry a full line of dining chairs along with slip covers. Wouldn't a monogram on the back of the chair be fantastic?

This picture is from one of my favorite An informal arrangement of books in a small corner of her living room.

I'll admit that this room has a lot going on....but look how cozy and wonderful it is. This room is designed by Martin Muller.

This fresh and cozy setting was taken from the set of the movie Somethings Gotta Give. I loved everything about this home on the beach. I think I will have to do a post just about this home at some point.
Notice the great mix of books and decorative pieces on these shelves...Try stacking books and laying some on their sides for variation.

This room was decorated by Charlotte Moss. All of her books are on my personal bookshelf! The warmth of the old pine table and the blue and white porcelain gets me every time.

This room is more formal looking....I don't think I could function if all of my books were turned with the spines facing would be pretty hard to find what you are looking for. As I look closer...maybe all of the books are covered in the same material or paper....what do you think?

A great way to display books without the heaviness of a wooden bookshelf. Again notice the slip covered chairs...pretty inviting, huh?

Again, some organized clutter.......
Hope that you gained some insight on how to display books...get them out and show them off!! Books are also great to use as risers to bring the height of a table lamp up or stacked under a vase to give it more importance. Look around your home for all your favorite books and display them where you can enjoy them.
On another note...I was hoping to tell you that the Sid Dickens order was in....however, it won't be in until some time on by Wednesday they should all be out for you to see. I will also post a picture of all that come in so you can see what we have. Stay tuned!!!!
Oh, and we are planning a super fun (got that "super" prefix from my granddaughter, Isabella) Spring Open House on Saturday, March 15th...I'll let you know more of the details soon. Take care...Sue


  1. Enjoyed your information about displaying books ~always has been a stumper for me! I have visited your store before, as my sister lives in Erie!.... you have a fabulous business! I will let her know about your open house that is coming up!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Please introduce yourself the next time you are in Erie and visiting the shop. Sue

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