Sunday, July 19, 2009

Window Dressing....

Hi all!...I have wanted to post some more pictures from the Atlanta market and pictures of some of the new that we have received at the shop...but I can't seem to download the pictures from my camera. So, I thought I would share with you a slide show of some of the great window treatments that I have been collecting. We have been doing a lot of window treatments lately at the shop. Stop in and ask us for details if you are dreaming of something for your windows....
I love the use of bamboo blinds paired with beautiful soft drapery as shown above....
I know I just used this pic a short time ago, but just look how the use of the yellow green drapes changes the "feel" of this room. Try picturing different colors used in place of the yellow-green....see how the whole room changes?

Soft and serene, simple pinch pleated drapes. Closed for privacy and open for maximum sunshine! Hang your draperies as high as possible to heighten the overall look of the room. A small black metal rod with rings keeps things simple and light.
Again, small black rods, but this time the drapery is made with grommets at the top that the rod simply slides through. Also note, bamboo shades give the room some much needed texture and natural color.
Soft, billowy stationary balloon shades complete this cozy window seat area. The look has been updated by using a washed linen fabric.
Once again, notice that the valance is placed as high as possible to heighten the room. The valance hides the blinds underneath. I like the way the paint color from the ceiling wraps down onto the wall. The painted line ties in wonderfully with the line of the valance.
I mentioned in an earlier post that I went to a "round table discussion" where Eileen Boyd, a fantastic interior designer, participated. She loves to use bright color. I had this picture saved before I even knew that she was the designer! Take away the pops of color in this room and you still have a great design...but without the fun! I especially love the yellow banding on the drapes. Think about this room...not a huge commitment to color, it could easily be changed out in the future to focus on new accent colors if the owner wished...

Luxurious drapery surrounds this bedroom. A great way to hide awkward windows or faulty walls!

This room is so pretty....Love how the ceiling and wall color is brought together in the lines on the crisp white drapery. I feel the whole room is pulled together with the drapes.

A cozy nook is perked up with stationary side panels in a lively large check! Again, picture this area with only a valance...not so cozy anymore..

Another "nook" dressed up in a more formal plaid silk. By designer Tobi Farley.

Tobi Farley also managed to bring beautiful detail to the tops of these yummy silk drapes.
A combination of one window covered with a bamboo shade and one draped. Great example of how you can mix window treatments in one room. If the designer, Tim Darker, would have used only the bamboo element the room would have lacked the spark that the brown and white floral bring to the room. And the same goes for the use of the floral on both areas...too much pattern!
Another example of banding drapes...only this time the drapes are cut in horizontal bands. This is a great way to bring in specific colors.....solids colors are much easier to find. You can chose the perfect colors for your room and have them sewn into drapes....
OKay...I'll try to get those pics to you we are receiving a big artwork order so I will try to include some of them also. Take care, Sue

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