Sunday, January 02, 2011

To Kindle or not to Kindle?!?

I love many of you well know...I guess that for some of you, all of these books would seem like way too much clutter. I really feel that this display is very , well, artistic! (from Bohemian interiors blog)You see, I received a Kindle from my husband for Christmas. I thought he knew how I felt about books!! It is still in the box....I don't think that I can connect to it like I can a book that you carry around with you, loose your place in...get pizza stains on the know, something that becomes a part of you...

Aside from the "reading" part of books, I am slightly obsessed (that is what my daughters think!) with anything having to do with the printed word! After you have read your books, lent them out to friends..decided that is wasn't worth reading...or whatever, you can have so much fun re purposing so many ways!
And as a decorator...there is no better way to personalize a home than with books....

Don't you just love it?

Books make a new house seem, well, lived in. They make a house seem like it has a history..

Don't try going down these stairs in the dark! Did the owners really read all of these books? I really doubt it.....but what a statement they make!

Take away these stacks of books and what is left in this personality..lots of white!

Here are two more reasons that I don't really think that I can keep my Kindle. My grandson's Weston and Jeremy. Don't you think that they have enough gadgets and visual stimulation via the Internet, the Wii, educational videos, video games that take up hours of their free time? I always thought that games were to be played with one antisocial so much of our entertainment has become! Ooops...I'll get off of the soap box now.. I want these little guys to love to hold, smell, feel, and read a real book!

A pretty "enlightening" idea for a from Anthropologie.

Anyway, I don't want to hurt my husband's feelings...but I think the Kindle will have to go back. You are probably thinking....but it is so small...can go anywhere...saves the trees...nope..can't do it...not quite yet.

So, for now, I am still hoarding all of those paperback books that no one wants can't drop them at Salvation Army...very few people want them.....

My wish, is that books will still be loved by the younger generation....the books that you can hold, smell, and nod of with at night....Take care, Sue
Just a reminder...we will be doing inventory on Monday, the 3rd, and Tuesday, the 4th, so the store will be closed. We will reopen on Wednesday the 4th.


  1. I'm with you; I like a book.

  2. Glad to hear someone else is on the same soap box. We are, I think, in danger of becoming too disconnected with the overuse of technology to communicate. Nancy

  3. Anonymous1:44 PM

    My husband got me a Kindle for Christmas also. I know he wracked his brain thinking of something I would like that I hadn't asked for and that he could suprise me with. I would never think of returning it and spoiling his suprise for me. I will still read books but I also think I will learn to love my Kindle.